Best Christmas Party Ever

At a family Christmas party for the part of my family from Liberia, my wife and I saw a bottle with a root in it.  We were told it was an aphrodisiac so immediately we had to have some.  The next morning we woke up giving each other high-fives.

Now mind you, we were in our early twenties.  I just liked to work out and she was an aerobics instructor so it was not like we needed help but we could still feel the difference.  But what stood out was that the orgasms were much more intense and we were enjoying ourselves much longer than usual.

Our first office in 2001. Aahhh to be younger again.

As a natural entrepreneur, the first thing I thought was how we can get this out to the world.  Since she was into herbs, her first thought was how we can improve the formula.

After a few months of research and experimenting to find the perfect blend of herbs to make a liquid tincture a few startling things started to happen.  Since I was the guinea pig and a researcher at heart, I paid really close attention to what was happening with my body.

Other than continuing to have great sex, I noticed that my work outs were getting better.  Where I would normally slug through a two mile jog, I could now do three miles easily.  Playing basketball did not leave me winded.  It also took me less time to recover.

That was really amazing to me but what happened next I didn’t see coming…my wife did.

“Did Your Dick Get Bigger?”

One Saturday morning we were playing around in bed before getting our day going.  I was stretched out on the bed watching my wife get dressed.  She walked over to me, looked down and gently stroked my penis and just asked, “Did your dick get bigger?”

For any man, that has got to be the biggest ego stroking question ever.  Looking down I sort of joked, “I guess so”.  When she let go and I felt it thump back down on my stomach higher than it had ever been before I was in shock. She just started jumping around and yelling, “I can make a dick get bigger”.

This was a serious case of you never know where life will take you.

From there it was all about making the best product possible.  We spent days traveling to herbal shops, visiting herb farms, researching where we could get the best herbs, which techniques could get us the best tincture, which alcohols would work best with the formula…

In the mean time it was all about research and being young, healthy, married with a lot of aphrodisiac around…well we did a lot of research.  I noticed more spontaneous erections, morning erections and just plain feeling hornier more often.  We couldn’t keep our hands off each other before and this just took it to a whole other level.

Before, she would need a lot of foreplay to get fully wet.  Now when I would get home from work, she would be ready to go. What she said is that she fantasized about sex a lot more often.

African Fly Is Born

What we found out from our book and internet research was that we were feeling the effects of an increase in testosterone from the herbs.  Our bodies make testosterone and everything else from what we eat.

These herbs were just what our bodies needed to turn the testosterone levels up.  The stamina for working out, the constant erections, fantasies, increased lubrication and sex drive where due to the herbal tincture.

After playing with names to call our little baby bottles of joy, we settled on African Fly.  It is a play off of Spanish Fly and the fact that the majority of the herbs originate from Africa.

We shared some of the early formulas with our friends and the reviews were glowing.  We kept experimenting and researching (we really loved to research) to continually perfect the formula.  After a year, we were ready to start sharing our new discovery with the world.

Now remember this was over 19 years ago and the web was really new.  We plugged away day and night to come up with a great website full of all the wonderful information we knew the people wanted to have and we waited.  And waited. And waited.  After what seemed an eternity, well three weeks, we got our first order…from Poland.

And Then This Happened

From there, more orders came in from around the world.  Then more orders came and more.   Then we made what seemed a good idea at the time but slowly turned into a growing horrible nightmare.    We marketed African Fly more towards the penis enlargement world.

Once again, this was the early days of the internet and the whole concept of penis enlargement was new.  If you searched for penis enlargement we would show up on the first page.  Not because we did anything special but because there was literally less than 50 companies selling this product.  Although it felt like we weren’t really getting all the true virtues of African Fly out…sales were going up.

But that changed drastically over the next few years.  Companies and marketers came out from every corner seemingly overnight.  They made claims that weren’t possibly true.  “Grow 2 inches in 2 weeks”.  “Grow 3 inches in 3 weeks”.  Grow 4 inches in 4 weeks”.

Then the penis enlargement spam came in hard and fast (no pun intended).  We knew that to compete we would need to use the same marketing techniques that our competitors were using…but we refused.

The whole ordeal took a heavy toll on the business but we knew we had an amazing product with a loyal client base that we would not steer wrong.  So we thankfully left the over the top, pill pushing penis enlargement market to its own devices.

I am, however, very disturbed by some of the marketing tricks that our competitors have used and I include the pharmaceutical industry too.  But that is another story.  (And no…there is no such thing as an all natural pill!)

In the meantime we were really getting a kick out of answering the questions that men and women would ask about sex.  While there is no such thing as a dumb question, there are questions that would make you wonder how people were learning about sex.

Out of the hundreds of questions asked…FlyZones Sexual Performance E-Magazine was born.  From the dozens and dozens of articles from FlyZones we compiled the book “How to be A Better Lover in Three Days or Less”.

the Sexual Performance Scale will let you know just how African Fly will work for youWe will continue to look for and share everything we can to help you have a better and healthier sex life because we love to do it…and the research is so much fun!After all of these years we have enjoyed researching and making new discoveries to help African Fly clients reach their goals.  We pioneered the Sexual Performance Scale to help men and women quickly figure out where they are and help us guide you to where you want to be.

Make Love Longer,

Brian Ayers
Ayers Naturals

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