8 Wild Crafted Herbs Aged For Effectiveness

African Fly helps improve sex

For centuries the original version of African Fly was used in intense love and mating rituals which lasted for days on end. Participants drank the formula both before and during the rituals.

It provided the men and women with greater physical arousal (erection/lubrication), incredible stamina, and heightened sensitivity to pleasure. Such rituals are rarely practiced today, but the formula is still widely used to solve erection and arousal problems, and to increase erotic sensation.




Yohimbe is a tree that grows throughout the African nations of Cameroon, Gabon and Zaire.  Yohimbe is most well known for its abilities to alleviate erectile dysfunction.A review of seven controlled studies indicates truth to the claim. In this study, yohimbe was clearly more effective than a placebo in treating erectile dysfunction.

The herb is a sensual stimulant for healthy men and women. Effects include increased libido, increased sensation and increased stamina. Women have greater arousal, vaginal lubrication and general pleasant sensations.

Turnera Diffusa
This herb nourishes the sexual glands, improving their function. It encourages the production of sexual hormones in both men & women and works to correct imbalances.

Cola Acuminata
This nut boosts energy levels and increases stamina. Also has a stimulatory effect on sensory nerves which greatly enhances enjoyment of the sexual experience.

Smilax Aristolochaefolia
A potent herb for restoration of both male & female sexual systems. Long used as a treatment and cure for impotence or frigidity.

Cinnamomum Cassia 
This rich spice gently encourages increased digestion increasing the potency of other herbs. Cinnamomum Cassia also has a worldwide reputation as a mild aphrodisiac.

Syzygium Aromaticum
This herb contains vitamins and minerals which many African s lack in their diets. Cloves improve absorption of ingredients in African Fly. They have a long history as an aphrodisiac in China and Sweden.

Zingiber Officinale 
Zingiber is prized for its ability to calm excess nervous tension and stimulate venous circulation. It has a strong reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Myristica Fragrans
This spice has a rich tradition of use in many countries as an aphrodisiac and is highly prized for its ability to extend the sexual act.

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