The Science Behind African Fly

So how can one formula increase your sexual endurance, boost your sexual health and intensify your orgasms? The answer is easy and natural…

African Fly’s liquid formula helps to balance your sexual health and energy with a constant loop of three important improvements: Testosterone, Blood Flow and Nerve Stimulation.

The herbs in African Fly drive the natural process to increase your sex drive and sexual stamina. (The herbs are listed below with their function.)

Most sexual health issues can be improved with this approach. The African Fly Sexual Optimization Cycle assures you a safe return to your sexual best and health.



Cycle 1:  Testosterone

Powering Your Sex Drive And Stamina

African Fly naturally stimulates and releases the testosterone already present in both men and women’s bodies. Testosterone plays the largest role in increasing sexual desire and performance. Consider these points on how your testosterone level effects you:

Increase Sexual Desire – You can enjoy having sex more often. This will improve your sexual relationship with your partner and make them and yourself happier.

Intensify Sexual Endurance – You can last as long as you want and have the confidence knowing you can please your partner and be ready for more.

Active African Fly herbal components:
Coryanthe Yohimbe, Cola Acuminata, Myristica Fragrans


Cycle 2:  Nerve Stimulation

Increased Pleasure and Stronger Orgasms

African Fly raises the sensitivity in your erogenous zones for greater pleasure and orgasms. This intensifies every sexual experience. Here are the areas where African Fly can help you:

Fast Acting – You can be ready for sex in 30 to 40 minutes (depending on your level of sexual health). Now you can control when you are ready for optimum sexual performance.
Powerful Orgasms – You can enjoy intense orgasms constantly. Your first, second and even third orgasms get increasingly stronger.

Continuous Erections – African Fly makes it easier to have an erection quickly after an orgasm. You can have sex more often in one night and you will not disappoint your partner if she has not had an orgasm yet.

Active African Fly herbal components:
Smilax Aristolochaefolia, Cinnamomum Cassia, Syzygium Aromaticum


Cycle 3: Blood Flow

Boosting Your Sexual Health

Blood flow not only increases vaginal lubrication in women it also controls the size the firmness and of erections for men.

This is vital to your sexual health:

Improves vaginal lubrication – An increase in bloodflow to the vaginal area significantly elevates the amount of vaginal lubrication that is produced.

Reduces the cause of impotence – African Fly reduces atherosclerosis (cholesterol plaque in blood vessels). This is the leading cause of impotence. Increasing blood to the penis reduces plaque build up.

Maintain blood flow during erections – Special nerve cells that control blood flow in your penis during erections are enhanced by African Fly.

Active African Fly herbal components:
Turnera Diffusa, Zingiber Officinale

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