Male Enhancement supplements have gotten a bad rap because of the ridiculous claims made by penis enlargement supplement marketers.  The problem is that it has become such a joke that people have written off the very necessary study and use of male enhancement supplements and techniques.

The Big Difference Between Male Enhancement and Penis Enlargement


To cut through the clutter, commercials, weird ads and SPAM, lets go over what enlargement means.  From the ads you will see jaw dropping statements like “Grow Your Penis 4 inches In 4 Weeks”.  This completely false but often used headline points to the concept of growing your penis larger than the potential you were born with.

Seeing that you can’t take a pill to grow taller or grow bigger hands, then it makes sense that enlarging your penis that way is not going to work either.

However there is hope in male enhancement.  With enhancement you are looking for 2 results:

  1. To get to your largest size (typically 30% larger)
  2. To keep that size throughout your life

Because of our estrogen soaked environment, sitting for 8 hours, lack of sleep and a bunch of other things, most men’s penis are 30% smaller than they should be.  Also just like a man’s muscles will get smaller as he ages so does his penis.  It is called penis atrophy and yes it is real…ask any nurse in a seniors home.

Male Enhancement Techniques

This is going to sound weird but your mother already told you how to get to and keep your largest penis size.  “Go outside and play, eat your fruits and vegetables and go to bed so you can get enough sleep”…

Thanks Ma!

She was right because most of the basic enhancement techniques below fall in line with that.  The reason is that they all increase testosterone production.  The bursting and burning of testosterone causes and keeps an erection.  The penis is a use it or lose it body part.  If you have few quality erections, over time your erections will get smaller.

Do This

your love life on TV
  1. Get 8 hours of sleep – your testosterone is produced during sleep
  2. 70% of your food should be fruits or vegetables – your body needs the liquid nutrition in them to move blood easily for fuller erections
  3. Weight lifting increases testosterone.  Too much cardio can reduce testosterone.
  4. Hang out in the sun.  The vitamin D from the sun increases testosterone.
  5. Masturbate – remember “Use it or lose it”?  Their are techniques to masturbate that focus on growth.

Don’t Do This

  1. Tap water has fluoride which lowers testosterone.  I use the Zero Water water filter to remove all particles from water including fluoride.
  2. Chicken farmers used to add estrogen to chicken food to increase breast meat.  They stopped that but we are eating their descendants.
  3. Eat excessive amounts of sugar – too much sugar reduces testosterone.
  4. Alcohol is a poison that happens to make you feel woozy…and shrink your manhood

Male Enhancement Supplements

When it comes to male enhancement pills…don’t even bother.  Pills by manufacture are problematic because of the wide range of inactive drugs that are used for dye, binding agents, flavors and preservatives.  With so many pills being flushed daily our water system is high in estrogen and a bunch of other penis reducing chemicals.  These pills can actually make you smaller in the long run.

The ones at the gas station are often knock offs or often made in countries that are known to play loose with ingredients.

That is what makes African Fly unique.  As an “all natural liquid testosterone food”, it increases your bodies natural production of testosterone.  It is like eating a healthy salad designed just for testosterone.  When used as directed men will see the following results:

  1. Harder erections
  2. Erections more often
  3. Spontaneous erections
  4. Morning erections
  5. Larger erections
  6. Longer lasting erections
  7. Quicker return to erection after orgasm
  8. Longer and thicker penis
  9. Fuller veins in the penis that can be felt

It can take two to three months to get to your full potential.  Using the techniques on the blog at can speed this process up.  I have personally used African Fly since age 25 as a male enhancement supplement.  Now at 44 I am larger now than I was then…not by 4 inches…but I am not complaining.


Ed Bagley
African Fly
FlyZones, Chief Editor

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