African Fly is not for everyone

African Fly’s is designed to give you maximum benefits with the least possible side effects or inconvenience. African Fly is very well tolerated by the great majority of women and men. Still no treatment, remedy, or medication is ideal for everyone.

African Fly is a powerful herbal formula and should be used with caution or avoided by people with certain illnesses or conditions. African Fly may not work well for a minority of women and men with specific conditions.

We at African Fly have researched success rates carefully to discover which people should not take African Fly. Though we would love to have every adult try African Fly, we do not want to waste the time or effort of anyone who African Fly may not help.


People with the following conditions should discuss using African Fly with their health care provider.

1) People using MAO inhibitor drugs, usually for Parkinson’s disease. African Fly carries a small but real chance of reducing the effectiveness of this medication. Some people using MAO inhibitor drugs may not be in good enough physical health to engage in sexual intercourse.

Please speak with physician before taking steps to restart or increase sexual activity.

2) Men and women with severely high or low blood pressure or those recovering from a heart attack. In recommended doses, African Fly has actually helped many people with these conditions, however, you should be sure that your health can sustain the added exertion of sexual activity before taking African Fly.

People with the following conditions may not achieve desired results with African Fly.

Men and women with moderate to severe nerve damage to the genital region. If nerve pathways that send arousal messages to and from the genital area are damaged, there is little that African Fly or any oral treatment can do. Some people have had success with corrective surgery in these cases.

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