Carla had not noticed that her libido was slowly leaving.  With two high school kids, the job and everything else it was not until her husband said “You know we haven’t had sex in two months” that she knew something was wrong.

Carla is like a lot of women who don’t feel the urge for sex like they used to.  While stress and poor diet can lead to a low libido…it may be just chemical.

We are living in an estrogen soaked environment.  That means there are dozens of items we use everyday that mimic or stimulates estrogen in our bodies for both men and women.  This includes

  • Pesticides on fruits and vegetables
  • Excessive soy products
  • Estrogen injected into chicken for more breast meat (They stopped that decades but we are eating those chickens descendants)
  • Non-stick coating on pots and pans

Hormonal Imbalance Is A Silent Epidemic

Natural Female Libido Enhancer

With so much estrogen it overrides the testosterone leaving your body in hormonal imbalance.  It is called the “Silent Epidemic”.  You can see the evidence in young women who are developing way too early and the TV commercials for men to take testosterone pills (Now you see the commercials or lawsuits against those pill makers).

Testosterone fuels sex drive in men and women.  When men don’t have enough testosterone they can’t get or maintain an erection. When women don’t have enough testosterone they have low libido, little vaginal lubrication and often just don’t think about sex at all.

Studies have shown that elderly people with little physical contact die faster.  In a relationship with little physical contact or love making…the couple may not die anytime soon but the relationship may.

When A Woman Takes A Natural Female Libido Enhancement Supplement She Will…

  • Fantasize about sex more often
  • Relax sexual inhibitions
  • Have stronger sexual urges
  • Create more vaginal lubrication
  • Feel skin to skin contact as more erotic
  • Be more sensitive in her erogenous zones
  • Want sex to last longer
  • Have more intense and possibly multiple orgasms

African Fly works as an all natural female libido enhancer for women by naturally increasing testosterone.  It won’t cause side effects because it like eating a very healthy salad.  Your body knows exactly what to do with the herbs in the formula.

In the 16 years African Fly has been sold online there has been less than 1% refund request because it works so well.

With Carla’s sexual health issues, it took a few days of taking African Fly for her to get back to her sensual self.  Helping her to balance her hormones is not only healthy for her sexual health and her relationship.

Natural Female Libido Enhancer

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