If you are looking for a Natural Male Libido Enhancer, it is incredibly difficult to do now because of the thousands of options that are available.  Not only are there an endless list on the internet but you now see them on TV commercials and even in gas stations.

How do you know which ones are safe and actually work without turning yourself into a human guinea pig?

Here is your Quick Guide To Natural Male Libido Enhancers.

 What Natural Means?

Pill machines can make thousands of pills a day

It is literally impossible for  a pill to be natural.  Pills by design have to include man-made chemicals to bind and dye the pills.  They are also incredibly cheap and fast to make which is why there are so many pills in the world.  You wouldn’t call an apple with red dye #28 with benzapostustulate to hold it together natural.

Pill machines can make thousands of pills a day

How Did It Get To Be Male Only?

When your great grandparents were in their 40s, there were no way as near as many pills as there are today.  They got their nutrition from the same foods and lived and functioned quite healthily.  While there are some herbs that are used specifically for men or women that does not necessarily apply to libido.

Sex drive for men and women is driven by testosterone.  A natural libido enhancer will work for men and women by increasing the testosterone production for both.  The natural increase does not have side effects for women like acne, male hair growth patterns or increased muscle mass.

Viagra only works for men is because it works by stopping the production of the chemical the male body makes to let the blood flow out of the penis.  There by it causes a fake erection.

What Does Libido Really Mean?

A Male natural libido enhancer helps the sexual response cycle

Sexual Optimization Cycle

People often think of libido as just the sexual act.  That is just the end result.  Your libido is the entire sexual response cycle which includes:

  1. Thinking about sex
  2. Getting turned on
  3. Having an erection before physical stimulation (spontaneous erection)
  4. Becoming more sensitive to touch
  5. Having an erection when stimulated
  6. Lasting as long as you want during sex
  7. Getting back up after an ejaculation quickly

If a pill is only giving you an erection then you are missing out on everything else good sex brings.


When looking for natural male libido enhancer, seek a natural liquid formula that increases testosterone naturally.  Stay completely away from gas station pills.  They can be from the black market and have dangerous chemicals

Better safe than a 4 hour erection that will kill you.

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